Automotive revolution requires next-generation solutions

The car industry is going through turbulent times. The future of autonomous vehicles, new mobility issues and connectivity are causing a true transport revolution. Product complexity, technological change and increasing competition demand the next generation of design and development tools.

PLM solutions enable seamless integration between disciplines. This gives car manufacturers the flexibility to digitize product development, for example by working with a digital twin of a vehicle. Simulation will become more important than ever in the automotive industry. PLM Software offers a full range of vehicle solutions for all technical areas – from chip design to full vehicle validation.

PLM solutions for car manufacturers

If you are active in the production of vehicles, you balance between turnover stability and innovation. You still want to maximize the turnover from existing product lines, but in the meantime you are investing in R&D of vehicles for the future.

With the rise of vehicle autonomy and electric driving, you need agile development cycles. You want to set up your processes for shorter production runs, but for a wider range of vehicle types. You will have to work with new partners such as chip, sensor, and system technology companies.

Our PLM solutions help you perform this balancing act. You have an integrated, digital development environment and advanced vehicle simulations. You work with an accurate digital twin of the vehicles so that you can shorten the development time. This digital twin also offers the possibility to quickly adapt to changes at every stage of the process. This helps you and your suppliers to create safe, commercially viable vehicles. On time and within budget.

Suppliers to the automotive industry are innovating thanks to PLM

Mechanical, electrical and software systems of modern cars are often developed by external suppliers. Are you a supplier to the automotive industry? Then you know that your business process depends on close cooperation with the car manufacturers. Our PLM solutions support you in digitizing planning, design, testing and production of automotive systems. This resolves the existing barriers between different technical disciplines and provides real-time access to all information.

A PLM solution also helps your organization to reduce risks. Because quality problems or product errors can result in high penalty costs. All documentation is made accessible to all team members via a single data source so that the use of old data no longer occurs. You also have comprehensive reports of simulations that help you understand how decisions about products and production affect costs.

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