Manufacturing Process Management

Manufacturing Process Management

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Manufacturing Process Management

With this Software Application, your users create, validate and optimize production plans based on the product design. Teamcenter® dramatically improves the productivity between engineering and production through a common environment for multiple disciplines. This reduces waste and increases the value of decisions because mutual relationships become clear to a wider audience in order to arrive at better decisions in a shorter time.


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The challenge

With increasing pressure to bring innovative, cheaper products to market faster, manufacturers want to improve the efficiency of their engineering, production and production processes. This requires a solution in which, before a product is fully designed, you can describe, explain and validate a large part of the production process. As a result, you significantly improve productivity and manage multiple product programs under a single source of information along with product design, production planning and production requirements.

The benefits of Manufacturing Process Management

  • Reduce project and operating costs
  • Identify problems before they become critical
  • Centralize and automate change processes
  • Capture and standardize best practices throughout the enterprise
  • Make more efficient use of capacity

The added value

Manufacturers nowadays are increasingly confronted with shortened development plans and they have to get optimal productivity from their existing sources. Productivity suffers from the constant search for information, creating production plans from scratch and dealing with constant changes. Teamcenter® software manages a consistent source of up-to-date information, which improves productivity on the one hand and provides insight into the process on the other. These solutions also stimulate application and product-crossing productivity by offering open integrations with existing IT landscapes. Without these options, companies run the risk of:

  • Delayed delivery to the market
  • Unexpected costs
  • Lost sales opportunities
  • Sub-optimized production

From the product concept to the support of the end user: it is much more efficient to enter data once and reuse it for multiple technical disciplines.

The possibilities of Manufacturing Process Management

Use the options below with Teamcenter® software.

A natural extension of your technical knowledge

With Teamcenter® software you manage and record information about production, process and factory data in the same environment where you manage your product data. But, Teamcenter® is more than just a data storage location. It is a collaborative environment that facilitates engineering and production planning through the use of common information that you can share worldwide.

Unparalleled control over business processes and resources

With the Manufacturing Process Management software from Teamcenter® you facilitate accountability and coordination between factory, process, resource and product configurations. In addition, the software supports real-time consistency and alignment as the lifecycle of the product evolves. This strong feature promotes synchronization, because all changes must be synchronous in all domains for anyone viewing this information. Teamcenter® coordinates the work and engineering changes of many teams through:

  • Allow users to easily adjust and navigate multiple views of one common structure.
  • Offering automatic tools to compare and validate information structures.
  • Offering a consistent way to deal with revisions, different versions, configurations and changes within a company.
  • Allow users to view and validate the reuse of valuable production resources in multiple product programs.

Proven interoperability through an integration platform

With Teamcenter®’s open solutions you need fewer applications, use your legacy IT investments and manage data from multiple CAD sources. While Teamcenter®’s Manufacturing Process Management is the core of your collaborative lifecycle workflow, production is still a multidisciplinary environment that requires domain-specific analysis for validation and optimization. Teamcenter®’s open architecture offers the most flexible solution on the market for managing and sharing information between a wide variety of digital production and shopfloor systems.

The visibility of production sources

Because production resources are costly components in the product lifecycle, Teamcenter® offers a unique classification scheme with which you can virtually manage virtually every production: from tools and machines to the best in class process plans and shop floor layouts.

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