Simulation Management

Simulation Management

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Simulation Management

With Teamcenter® software you get control over simulation data, workflows and processes. The simulation process management software has been specially developed for engineers and CAE analysts. Manage all your simulation processes, data, tools and workflows together with the product data that you already manage. With this software, your simulation team is able to accelerate simulations so that the team can use this knowledge to stimulate product development more effectively.


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The advantages

  • Support the increasing volume and complexity of simulation work
  • Increase confidence in your simulations
  • Accelerate simulation by saving time on finding data and through reuse
  • Deliver faster results through standardization and automation
  • Minimize implementation costs and risks

The challenge: an overload of simulation data

Products are becoming increasingly complex and the need to serve more markets results in a greater number of product variants and configurations. Although digital simulation is increasingly seen as the key to product development efficiency and a means to tackle product complexity, simulation is often a bottleneck in the process. For example, analysis teams often work with outdated data or they deliver results too late to influence the design direction. Program administrators struggle to gain insight because they can only view the results of computeraided engineering (CAE) with the help of an analyst. And since the number of simulations performed is growing exponentially, there is a good chance that teams will get stuck in the huge amounts of data generated.

Get control on CAE data and processes

To meet the above challenge, you must view and manage simulation work as an essential part of your company’s overall PLM strategy. With Teamcenter® software you get control over your CAE data and processes. As an integral part of the Teamcenter® platform, this software allows you to manage all simulation-related data together with product data. This gives you one source of truth for the entire organization and allows your simulation teams to fully participate in the product life cycle. You do this by using the latest product data as input for simulations and giving all decision makers and interested parties easy access to important simulation results. Do you manage simulation data outside the PLM environment? Then there is a good chance that this will lead to duplication of data and increased investments in hardware. Teamcenter® eliminates this duplication because you manage simulation data on the PLM platform of your organization.

Address the needs of simulation engineers

The simulation data model supports all types of CAE data. You can fully expand this out-of-the-box data model and use it to record and manage geometry, models, input decks, results and reports. These objects are stored in the database with relationship links, enabling full traceability: from product revision to the corresponding simulation results. The extensibility of the CAE data model is a unique and powerful option that allows you to manage important parameters, such as simulation objects with all associated life cycle actions. You manage large files in the database or outside via links.

Manage the life cycle independently of the product life cycle

Perform lifecycle operations on simulation objects such as create, review, update, delete, release, or archive. Manage the life cycle of simulation objects independently of the product life cycle, while maintaining contextual relationships. For example, a geometry model can be associated with multiple mesh models and a mesh model can then be associated with multiple analyzes.

A complete frame for managing multiple simulation applications

Most engineering organizations use dozens or even hundreds of simulation applications, ranging from commercial tools to internal programs. It is quite a challenge to manage all these tools. The Teamcenter® software offers a complete frame for configuring and seamlessly starting all simulation applications. Such as CAE preprocessors, solvers, postprocessors, process orchestration tools, internal tools and scripts. You launch applications interactively or via workflows on a local or remote computer. Files needed for the external application, metadata and structure information are automatically exchanged between Teamcenter® and the CAE application.

Manage CAE applications for a specific simulation context

One of the unique features of the frame is that you manage and control various simulation tools. This allows you to efficiently manage access to CAE applications for a specific simulation context. A thermal engineer, for example, only presented tools related to thermal analysis, which makes it easy to select the right tool and version. Data access can be managed at user, group, role or project level and can vary for different simulation objects. This allows you to provide access to, and share suitable data with, partners and suppliers. And this while you protect the intellectual property (IP) and ensure compliance with the regulations.

Accelerate simulation and deliver faster results

Analysts spend a lot of time searching for data and then pass it on to others. This data forms the basis for building a simulation model, choosing material properties and applying loads. Every time the design changes, it can affect all these decisions. It is therefore crucial that you stay in sync with the others in the team to ensure that analyzes are performed using the correct and latest versions of all data.

Search for data faster

Teamcenter® speeds up the search for data with extensive possibilities for querying and navigation of simulation data. As a user you navigate between linked products, models, analyzes and results in a specially designed CAE-manager application. Queries are based on characteristics such as user name, program name or analysis type, or on a relationship, such as an analysis performed on a specific design variant. Full text search within saved files and custom queries are also supported. Relationships are used to quickly identify all simulations that have been performed on a specific design variant or to determine which tool is used to generate a specific result.

Accelerate the creation of simulation structures

What also takes a lot of effort for analysts is the process of transforming a complex product structure into an equivalent CAE structure for analysis. Not all components of a product are needed for the analysis and sometimes additional models are needed that do not exist in the product structure. Teamcenter® has a unique feature, which we also call structure mapping, which drastically speeds up the creation of simulation structures. Creating simulation structures automatically from a product structure is easier by using predefined rules, such as filter rules, rules for reuse, etc. After a structure map has been defined, you can also manage it as an object in Teamcenter® that you can review and share within the organization.

Use simulation to make better product decisions

You use simulation results to stimulate product decisions. One of the bottlenecks is the inability of program managers and other decision makers to consult CAE results without knowing how the CAE design tools or post processors are used. The JT ™ data format developed by Siemens PLM Software helps you overcome such obstacles. This format has even been accepted as an ISO standard. The lightweight JT ™ format ensures fast visualization and makes simulation reports better and more visual with embedded manipulable JT ™ images. Using the embedded viewer in Teamcenter®, all stakeholders can visualize simulation data without using a comprehensive analyst-specific tool. Think of geometry, meshes, load cases and results. As a team member, you can also easily place markers or notes in the JT ™ images, which makes broad collaboration easier.

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