Smart Industry, the digital transition of production processes, is in full swing.

The digital revolution in machine building is being fuelled by the rapid technological change of the machines (equipped with sensors, software, connected to the internet) and of production processes (increasingly faster time to market, shorter product life cycles).

Machine builders who embrace digitization have a stronger position in the market and are better able to meet the wishes of their customers. They offer product options based on modules and can produce more flexibly at a lower cost. New business models are even emerging in which customers pay on the basis of output or use, instead of investing in the hardware.

Challenges in industrial mechanical engineering

Benchmark studies in the Netherlands and Belgium show that machine builders feel the need for digitization and that they have formulated a vision of the smart industry. The strategic choices that follow are aimed at solving the challenges faced by machine builders:

  • Responding to specific customer questions by modularizing the products
  • Improve collaboration between multidisciplinary teams
  • Accelerate production processes to achieve a shorter time-to-market
  • More product innovation at a lower cost

competitive advantage can be achieved in the field of production engineering and production planning, are only used sparingly.

Are you active in the industrial machine construction market? PLM software provides the tools needed to continue to deliver profitable machine systems in the future. cards is happy to talk to you to formulate and realize your digitization strategy. We work on the basis of our extensive experience in the industry and have many best practices. Would like to share this knowledge about sector-specific solution domains with you.

Advanced machine technology

A good digitization strategy optimizes the innovation process from design to production. It provides greater certainty in machine development, reducing lead time in production through virtual design and virtual commissioning. This immediately increases productivity, thanks to better pre-validation and shorter commissioning lead times.

Next Generation Machine Design

The demand for customization and customization is increasing. You want to guarantee quality without sacrificing margin. Our solution enables you to have customized machines accepted by the customer faster. Thanks to simulation, you make more informed production decisions. Modularization of the design process and an extensive 3D product design makes it easier to reuse designs for a next order.

Engineering Data Management

In order to continue to meet the ever-changing customer demand, your teams (often divided over different disciplines) must be equipped with an integrated system for engineering lifecycle management. This solution combines mechanical, electronic, software and simulation data in a single collaboration environment. All engineers therefore always have the most recent data and can consult change history. They find information faster and the chance of errors is significantly reduced!