Advantedge Succes Program

Advantedge Succes Program

Advantedge Succes Program

Working in a complex industrial environment requires a lot of flexibility. Because in addition to your customers becoming more demanding, it is important that you stay ahead of your competition due to the digitization of the manufacturing process. With a digitized product creation process, you streamline the complex information flows internally, realize a faster time-to-market and organize customization more efficiently. The Siemens Advantedge Success Program can help you perfectly.

Digitizing your product creation process

Wondering what digitization options there are for your company? Don’t limit yourself to the traditional journey of RFP, benchmarking, software demos and vendor selection. Because a good digitization strategy is built around an integrated solution for process optimization within your company and therefore does not only consist of implementing digital tools.

As a company you need certainties, such as an early alignment with the business, the shortest possible realization, but above all fewer surprises, better predictability and broad organizational adoption.

The success program consists of a framework that defines the elements to be controlled. It is used to optimally balance risks, success factors and best practices and allow your project to excel.

What is the Advantedge Success Program?

The Advantedge Success Program focuses on 3 areas:

  • Why: We formulate a vision of the value that digitization can bring to your company
  • What: we map out which solution areas can optimize your business processes and design a technological concept for this
  • How: we make a plan for the implementation and roll-out of the digital processes, whereby we do not stop at delivery, but also ensure their adoption within your organization

Map out the value to be realized

The basis of the program is mapping the value to be realized for your company. We look across the departments and record how the value creation in your company comes about. We deliver a “value-based roadmap”: a visual representation in which we map out every essential process and on which you can see the cohesion between departments. To create optimal value, we discuss the business goals and advise which process optimization is needed to achieve those goals. This “big block” forms the architecture for digitization processes and is based on industry best practices. It ensures a common understanding of both the people involved in vision development and realization.

Record all process requirements

In the Advantedge Success Program we use solution templates. These process diagrams have been compiled from worldwide experiences. We know that we already capture about 70% of business processes. We supplement the other, unique processes within your company. We visualize business use cases and then link them to the matching options that a system must offer. We record ‘capabilities’ here without staring blindly at concrete packages or tools. We now know how the solution should contribute to the process, so the next step is to select the features and build items needed for that. After this step, all system requirements are established and we are working towards an implementation.

Work out different scenarios

Before we make final choices, we work out the different scenarios per solution template that the process goes through in different ways. Within the product development process this can be, for example, the launch of a completely new product, but also a product adaptation or solving a problem.


All these steps in the process come together in a complete delivery roadmap. Based on this, we start the implementation successfully, quickly and effectively.


Success hinges on the way your team works with the new solution. Adoption is therefore an important part of the program. Users are already taken along and familiarized with the application during the setup and test phase. Our consultants provide training and facilitate the organizational change process. Your team will have access to e-learning tools and live support and will be supported on new releases.

What does the Advantedge Success Program deliver?

In a nutshell: the shortest “time-to-value creation” with optimal reuse of worldly experiences. But also:

  • A roadmap for process digitization in which value creation within your company is central
  • You know for each critical process with which requirements and system options you want the process to run smoothly
  • Reuse by relying on 20 years of experience from card specialists and worldwide Siemens best practices
  • Well-founded and scalable system architecture, but also specialized implementation and support
  • Iterative roll-out that ensures that you keep a grip on the transformation of your process
  • Support with adoption in your organization, including through access to e-learning, release and support

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a thorough intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner gets its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.