Technology helps suppliers in the Benelux to strengthen their market position

The high-tech sector in the Benelux is growing, but the local suppliers have only benefited to a limited extent. They feel the competitive pressure from low-wage countries. The application of new technology can turn this tide. Digitization ensures higher labour productivity and more room to bring in expertise and work on customer-specific questions.

Is your company also active in the high tech supply? Implementing a PLM platform offers solutions to strengthen your market position. cards is happy to help you select the right solution. Together we develop a vision and make the right strategic choices.

Strategic options for high tech supply

Suppliers are looking for more value creation! Some are shifting from a position as a component supplier to a “system supplier”. As a system supplier, they combine components, electronics and modules into integrated subsystems that are part of the OEM end product. This means that they operate closer to the end customer, increasing interdependence, risk and potential margins.

Other suppliers are committed to co-development and bring their manufacturing expertise to the moment of product development. New production technologies such as Additive Manufacturing will reinforce this. The challenge will lie in mutual cooperation and the application of this manufacturing expertise.

Whatever phase your company is in, a Lifecycle Management strategy is decisive for the complexity of development, manufacturing and logistics cooperation to function properly.

This digital strategy must fit your vision of the future and the product you deliver. There is therefore no one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, there are industry best practices that can go a long way. Both in the field of formulating the strategy and in the field of proven solution domains. If you want to start with your digital strategy, consider one of the following three principles or a combination of them:

  • Digital experience: digitizing the entire quotation to production process. Maximum automation and standardization of the process from orders, data analysis, work preparation to production. Digital solutions and robotization are used to work faster and reduce costs.
  • Share & innovate: As a supplier you are more than just a link in the production chain. You can also use your production expertise to develop new and more efficient production methods with your customers.
  • Built-to-roadmap: As an expert you have a lot of experience in the development and production of specialized modules and systems. You take the role of developer, you provide a roadmap and you work together with customers based on performance agreements.

Determine your PLM course for high tech supply

In Industry 4.0 we first sell a product before it is produced. This goes hand in hand with the increasing trend towards individualisation. The process for “smart mass customization” requires new ways of thinking in the field of digitization. Production technologies such as Additive Manufacturing and fully automatic programming of machining operations make the difference.

Robot technology and automatic product & tool change systems enable 24/7 unmanned production. However, digitization is necessary to implement this productivity boost. Digitizing through virtual “production” models ensures that we can prevent problems before they occur in the factory.

Internal logistics; the number of steps that complex products take on the shop floor is constantly increasing. This requires factories that are set up in technology-oriented work areas. The result is a new logistics issue! This is inextricably linked to automatic internal transport (AGV), algorithms and integration of your systems to optimally perform product movements.

Extensive experience with PLM implementation in your industry

Based on our extensive experience in the high tech industry with both the OEMs and their network of specialized suppliers, we detect business problems like no other. We can help you translate these into digitization objectives and PLM solutions. We have blueprints for PLM implementations especially for high-tech suppliers. Do you want to implement PLM solutions and know what this means for your company?