Document Management

Document Management

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Document Management

Participate directly in the product life cycle by using different applications in one environment, from CAD to Microsoft Office. The makers of spreadsheets, documents, presentations, diagrams and projects communicate directly with the PLM environment from an application of choice. This way you manage their contributions and supporting documents in parallel with the technical and product information. The advantage for authors and document creators is that they can use product information and that they can participate in multiple product related processes. Teamcenter® document management makes standardization and management of documents and document processes easier, resulting in higher productivity and a shorter cycle time.


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The advantages

  • Improve productivity
  • Accelerate the time-to-market
  • Improve the quality and accuracy
  • Improve the success of product launch
  • Reduce document confusion

The functionalities

More than ever, documents are crucial for product development. Documents such as product plans, trade studies, regulations and marketing material generated by engineers and non-technical knowledge workers. If you do not work in a PLM environment, it is difficult to capture these documents and make them meet the required formats. Project deadlines are then not always feasible and you use outdated product information more often than you would like. With Teamcenter® you incorporate document management capabilities into your product development environment.

By implementing templates for standard document formats you ensure compliance with policy and legal requirements. With a simple configuration you define document types, templates, full text indexing and document display requirements. As a result, you, as a document author, quickly create documents in a trusted environment and you need less training to be productive. As a result, you write documents at the same time as product development to ensure correct content and alignment with your product launch processes.

Facilitate seamless product and document creation

This Teamcenter® software addresses issues that are traditionally about creating and managing documents, including ensuring that these processes:

  • Do not force consistent authoring
  • Endanger plan-dependent deadlines
  • Product and project changes cannot reflect
  • Block fast document check
  • Promote redundancy

The repetitive, error-prone processes that you normally associate with document development and management are a thing of the past! Instead, document authors and product teams create, manage and publish large amounts of technical system information as a harmony. Use Teamcenter® to automatically perform full-text indexing and document display, resulting in more effective reviews. With markup management, multiple assessors simultaneously comment on documents, thereby shortening the cycle time. Print stamps and watermarks in groups to ensure correct distribution and identify documents you need to print.


  • Office integration: Create and edit documents with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Search for product data and participate directly in workflows from your Office applications or with Office365® online.
  • Print management: Ensure that all documentation in Teamcenter can be printed in batches at all times. In addition, documents can also be provided with stamps during printing.
  • Digital rights management: Use this integrated solution to automatically encrypt files before they can be shared with employees, suppliers and partners.
  • Requirements management: A systematic and repeatable solution for defining, recording, managing and utilizing product requirements.

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