Electromagnetic Simulation

Electromagnetic Simulation

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Electromagnetic Simulation

The diverse and increasingly significant role of electromagnetics in product development brings new challenges. Simcenter™ 3D software for electromagnetics (EM) offers an integrated, low-frequency solver with Simcenter™ MAGNET™ software and a variety of high-frequency solvers for wave propagation phenomena. Its comprehensive set of capabilities provides insight into diverse design challenges: performance of electromechanical components and energy conversion, antenna design and siting (small to large scale), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Integrated EM-thermal


One integrated 




physical prototypes

The advantages of Electromagnetic Simulation

  • One multidisciple integrated environment
  • Integrated EM-thermal solvers
  • Advanced algorithms for high-fidelity simulations

Low-Frequency Electromagnetics

Simcenter™ 3D low-frequency electromagnetic solutions allow you to explore designs to meet performance, and make timely-decisions in product development, reducing the number of physical prototypes. The flexibility in our solutions, which includes finite element static, time-harmonic, transient solvers with the motion for any number of components, permits the design and analysis of electromagnetic and electromechanical devices of any complexity.

As systems become more electrified, the insight of simulations on the performance of electromagnetic devices such as motors, generators, MRI, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids, or any component with permanent magnets or coils, is priceless. Accurately replicate the test conditions, including sources, loads, advanced motion, and materials, with flexible, efficient solvers, letting you to quickly search for a practical design that meets performance in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

High-Frequency Electromagnetics

Industry 4.0 factories, incorporating wireless IIoT systems, will operate within a complex and noisy electromagnetic environment. There is an increasing number of electronic devices and electric cables and wires in vehicles. There is a growing number of antennas and new types of wireless devices. It is increasingly challenging to ensure a device keeps working properly by being immune and not interfering with the surrounding devices causing possible failure.

Simcenter™ 3D for high-frequency electromagnetics addresses a wide frequency spectrum to cover all prime analysis needs. Users can select the most appropriate from a range of dedicated solvers. These include full wave solvers based on integral methods for solving Maxwell’s electromagnetic equations (Method of Moments) and asymptotic methods based on the uniform theory of diffraction (UTD) and iterative physical optics (IPO). Efficiently solve for 2.5D as well as for full 3D field problems. Solver acceleration options are embedded to facilitate straightforward handling of ultra-large-scale, system-level models such as full aircraft, satellites, ships, and cars.

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