Structural Simulation

Structural Simulation

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Structural Simulation

In any industry, it is very important to understand how a component or system responds under stress or vibration. Especially now that we live in a time when products and materials are becoming increasingly complex! Engineers therefore need tools that can go beyond linear static analysis. Simcenter™ 3D contains structural solvers that you need for many different analysis problems within a single user environment. With Simcenter™ 3D Structural Simulation, you only need to know one user interface!


Faster insight into
product behavior


physical prototypes 


development time 


Optimize stiffness 
and weight

The advantages of Structural Simulation

  • One user interface for different problems, from simple to complex
  • Gain insight into the static and dynamic behavior of your product
  • Reduce the amount of costly physical prototypes

Linear analysis

Do you want to solve statical problems? Then the linear analysis is what you are looking for. You determine whether a construction will fail under a prescribed load. At Simcenter™ 3D you will find a complete range of integrated linear analysis functionality, including analyses for linear static calculations, natural frequencies and buckling calculations. Use these opportunities to evaluate the structural performance of products in different industries.


Not-linear analysis

If deformations are large or linear material properties no longer suffice, the nonlinear analysis is the best choice for you. With non-linear solvers, engineers can easily handle simple problems such as a drop test, but are also able to cope with the more challenging problems, such as extensive metal deformation.

Dynamic analysis

Evaluating the dynamic response plays an essential role in various applications, such as assessing passenger comfort on airplanes, cars under different operating conditions or evaluating the effect of vibrations on the performance of consumer products and electronic devices.

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