The problem with engineering at the moment is that there are no simple problems to solve anymore. To meet market demands, it is no longer good enough to do “a little CFD” or “a single stress analysis.” Several disciplines play a role in simulation, where one discipline has an effect on another. Do you want to be able to accurately determine product behavior? Then gaining insight into this Multiphysics behavior is key!


simulation models


One integrated


Reduce physical


Better insight
into product behavior

The advantages of Multiphysics

  • One integrated environment for different disciplines
  • Gain insight into how different disciplines influence each other
  • Reuse simulation models across multiple disciplines

Take into account all physical phenomena

To simulate “real world” conditions you have to take into account several disciplines, such as heat transfer, fluid flow and movement. Complex industrial problems therefore require solutions that encompass multiple physical phenomena, which can often only be solved using simulation techniques that cross different technical disciplines. In order to accurately predict the performance of your product, it is important to consider all physical phenomena that affect behavior in the real world.

One environment for all disciplines

Simcenter™ 3D streamlines the process of Multiphysics simulation. The integrated modelling environment excludes the error-prone data transfer that is often required to link multiple disciplines together. This streamlined process allows you to spend more time actually simulating your product behavior under all conditions that also occur in real life.

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