Moldex 3D

What does Moldex3D mean?

Moldex3D is injection molding simulation software that uses advanced 3D technologies to create unprecedentedly accurate analyzes and simulations of injection molding processes with plastics. Optimize your mold design, increase manufacturability and shorten the time-to-market. By using parallel calculation technology, Moldex3D works considerably faster than other software. The unparalleled analysis techniques enable comprehensive simulation of virtually any injection molding process to optimize product design and production, shorten lead times and maximize yield.

The advantages of Moldex3D

  • Carry out less expensive test injections
  • Reduce the number of mold iterations and reduce mold costs
  • Shorten the lead time
  • Integrate with CAD systems

The power of Moldex3D

Moldex3D helps you predict and overcome challenges of injection molding processes using an in-depth analysis of all factors that can cause problems, such as flow behavior, temperature, pressure, material properties, fiber orientation, shrinkage tendencies and other factors of plastics. You can predict and solve 85% of the usual production problems.

Moldex3D also supports advanced molding solutions for more complicated or process oriented problems including fiber (fiber reinforced plastic), stress / strength calculations (as input for CAE calculations) and flow (flow behavior).


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