Mendix – low code application development

Mendix enables IT and non-IT specialists to build applications faster and integrate into any system or data source. Enables application development 10 times faster with 70% less resources.

Business challenges

  • IT departments have a gap in the skills required to meet all business and domain needs
  • IT departments do not have sufficient resources to meet business demand, mainly because application demand is predicted to increase 5x over the next 5 years
  • The pressure is increasing for organizations to make their products, platforms and processes digital, but there are huge obstacles in the way
  • While the transformation is expected to be rapid, inflexible legacy systems that are not integrated are slowing progress
  • These legacy systems have become so complicated and complicated that the layers of data are difficult to unlock and lead to meaningful insights too slowly

Why Mendix?

Mendix offers the possibility to build personalized apps ten times faster:

  1. The leading low-code development environment
  2. A robust set of app services offering the most comprehensive expertise, engineering and IoT expertise
  3. Ability to integrate with all data, systems and customers
  4. Possibility to build multi experience apps, for example for desktop, mobile, tablet, VR and chatbots
  5. Helps modernize older systems
  6. Strategic partnership with SAP: Mendix apps can now be deployed with SAP HANA as the primary database

What does Mendix offer?

With Mendix, IT departments can build personalized applications more easily and quickly to reduce the pressure on IT.

  • Enables 10 times faster application development with 70% less resources
  • Integrates with any system and any data source (for example; CRM, ERP, Teamcenter PLM, IoT, Excel etc.)
  • Enables IT to build apps with Mendix that add functionality to systems already in the business
  • This prevents customization and keeps core systems clean (keep the core clean)

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a thorough intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner gets its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.

Mendix fact sheet

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