Supply Chain Analysis

Supply Chain Analysis

Supply Chain Analysis

What is the optimal supply chain? Unlike a physical distribution center or a production line, the supply chain is intangible. It is therefore much more difficult to identify where there are opportunities for optimization lie. How many trucks do you plan on which route? Which location do you supply from which warehouse?

In the area of ​​your supply chain, available capacity, resources and distribution across various locations can result in bottlenecks. A good analysis, based on simulations of reality, will give you insight.

Network design of the supply chain

When optimizing your supply chain, you are confronted with seemingly easy choices. Which model do you produce in which production location? Which activities do you perform at which location? In which area are you looking for suppliers for the most optimal supply process? Or you have to make bigger decisions. Where in the country do you build a new factory or warehouse?

All these choices come together in the network design of your company. Some decisions can have major consequences. Not only because of the investments that Follow; your choices also have an impact on your suppliers.

Cards has extensive experience in the optimization of supply chain processes. We use Plant Simulation ®software to design and simulate your process and thus develop scenarios. We process the results of the simulations in business cases. With that information, you know whether an investment pays off and produces sufficient positive effects.

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