Training Process Simulate

Training Process Simulate

Training Process Simulate

Get started quickly with Process Simulate

Will you soon start working with process simulate in your company? Then you can use top of the bill software to simulate and control the manufacturing processes in your business process.

The package contains countless options that you can apply. As a result, it may take some time to familiarize yourself with the system. That is, if you have no help with that … We can help you on your way with our process simulate training. The training material is tailor-made for specialists such as:


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  • Process engineers
  • Robot programmers
  • Manufacturing engineers

In the training you will not only learn how to use the functionalities. In the course we also discuss how you can apply these functionalities in your business processes. You will be trained in the best practices for your industry.

We first train key users, discuss their findings and then train the other users within your company. We will keep in touch with you all the time to make an inventory of the training needs.

Fixed modules or customization

A process simulate training is available in five standard modules. You can compile your training package from these modules. If you have a customized Process Simulate configuration in your company, the standard modules may not perfectly match your training requirements. No problem! We are happy to make a suitable training program that fits your situation.

  • Module 1 Process Simulate: Basic Robotic Simulation (3 days) You learn step by step how to make basic simulations and motion analyzes for automation robots.
  • Module 2: Process Simulate: Intermediate Robotics (CEE) (4 days) In this course you will explore the basic principles of event-based robot simulations and the use of the Cyclic Event Evaluator, which can control the progress of most robot simulations through logic.
  • Module 3: Process Simulate: Advanced Robotics (OLP) (2 days) After you have mastered the basics, you learn to deal with the unusual everyday simulation functions such as advanced event-based simulations, realistic robot simulations (RRS), RCS (Robot Controller) Software), ESRC (Emulated Robot Specific Controllers) and the upload and download of robot programs (OLP).
  • Module 4: Process Simulate: Human Simulation (5 days) Make your own how to create human simulations that can control ergonomics and movement analyzes.
  • Module 5: Process Simulate: Part Flow Simulation (4 days) In this block you will learn how to use Process Simulate to create component flow simulations.

Personal and applicable

cards PLM Solutions in the only partner in the Benelux that offers these training courses. And as with all our services, we are happy to go the extra mile. Our trainers take you through the standard course material. But during the course there is also a lot of room to fill in the training days based on your personal experiences and examples from your business process. Our trainers have a lot of experience with PLM implementations in the manufacturing industry. They like to share that practical experience with you during the training.

A Process simulate training of cards contains:

  • Personal theoretical training or training in small groups
  • Practical assignments for software use in an HTML training environment
  • Experience of a practical situation in an exemplary environment

Participants in the training receive proof of completion. We issue a certificate for our Belgian customers, with which you as an employer can claim a refund of 50% of the training costs via the KMO Portefeuille.

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  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a through intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner receives its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.