CAM stands for computer-aided manufacturing. It includes software for controlling machines in the production of products, components and parts. Are you looking for an all-in-one solution for programming your products and everything that has to do with it? Meet NX ™ CAM: comprehensive and integrated NC programming options in one system. The software solutions from NX ™ for CAM makes programming complex components, post-processing and the simulation of machining operations much easier.


Save up to 80%
programming time


One integrated


Easy programming


Easy reuse

The benefits of NX ™ CAM

  • Makes programming complex components as easy as possible
  • One system that performs multiple complex tasks
  • Saves up to 80% on programming time

Optimize manufacturing processes with our expertise

As a business partner of Siemens PLM, we are specialized in CAD and CAM, among other things. We are happy to help companies with optimizing manufacturing processes; from the generation and processing of a 3D model to the final production on the various CNC machines. We do this in an integrated process, making changes easy to implement at any time. This end-to-end solution shortens lead times, improves quality, makes it possible to mill complex parts and simplifies communication with clients. In addition, it is also possible to manage manufacturing data such as CAD / CAM tool information and NC codes and send them to the shop floor.

Complete difficult tasks easily and quickly with advanced programming options

NX ™ CAM has various functionalities: from simple NC programming to fast cutting and multi-axis machining, which means that different tasks are performed by one system. Thanks to this flexibility, the most difficult and demanding tasks can be completed as easily and quickly as possible. You also improve productivity with application-specific programming.

Reduction of programming time through automation

Increase productivity with the latest automation techniques for NC programming. With feature based machining, manual processes are a thing of the past and the program time can be reduced by no less than 90%. Standard programming processes are structured through the use of wizards and templates.

Tight post-processing system and simulation

NX CAM ™ has a tightly integrated post-processing system. With the integrated G-code-driven machine simulation you optimize your production processes, rule out errors on the shop floor and you no longer need separate simulation packages.

“As Mevi, we want a process in which the programming, simulation and work preparation is done in advance and only then sent into production. On the one hand, this ensures higher quality with more output and, on the other hand, we consider this important for the future in view of the increasingly scarce resources of professionals in the workplace. cards PLM Solutions helps us to optimize this process ”. Roel Hermans - Mevi Belgie bvba”

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

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