Composites Simulation

Composites Simulation

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Composites Simulation

In the search for both light and strong products, manufacturers are increasingly making use of composite materials, but making prototypes of composite materials entails high costs. Simulation therefore plays an important role in the development of new products with composite materials. Simcenter™ 3D is a leader in composite analysis by continuously developing material models and element types.


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The advantages of Composites Simulation

  • Easily create complex laminated composite materials
  • Evaluate more material configurations to achieve a stronger and lighter design
  • Validate both the design and the material and avoid problems such as delamination

Composite Solvers

Simcenter™ 3D provides premium solvers for speed and accuracy to calculate the results of your laminated composite structures. Simcenter 3D solvers analyze different performance characteristics of composite structures such as structural analysis (linear and nonlinear), thermomechanical simulation and acoustics. For large models, the solvers are also scalable in high performance computing (HPC) clusters to calculate solutions even faster.

Manufacturing Process Simulation

Choosing from different production processes when you use composite materials is quite a challenge. This choice influences several factors: from costs to production speed and capacities, but may also affect the component performance itself. With Simcenter™ 3D you simulate phenomena such as “curing” and “crystallization”. In addition, you design composite structures that take into account rebound effects and residual stresses in order to achieve optimal performance of your products.

Pre- and Post-processing for composites

Simcenter™ 3D Composites, accelerates the entire analysis process for composite materials. You quickly and easily create finite element properties that represent your laminate composites through the integration of Fibersim, Siemens’ composite design software. Using powerful geometry editing and meshing capabilities, you can quickly create a simulation model for the Simcenter™ 3D solvers or for external solvers. You view the results of these solvers directly in the integrated post-processing environment to determine your next action.

Realize a damage tolerant and lightweight design

A major challenge in engineering composite structures is to ensure that the structure and material can fully support the loads. Simcenter™ 3D Composites module helps you achieve a damage-tolerant and lightweight design. Thanks to the decades-long relationship with industries that use composite materials intensively, Simcenter™ 3D makes it possible to accurately simulate different damage models.

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