Engineering Optimization

Engineering Optimization

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Engineering Optimization

How can I reduce material in a component or change its properties and still meet requirements? Simcenter™ 3D provides optimization techniques to answer this question by systematically searching for the best design that meets certain criteria. Reduce the weight of the component or find the optimal combination of parameters to improve product performance through comprehensive solutions for topology, geometry and parameter optimization.


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The advantages Optimization

  • Systematically search for the best possible design with Design Space Exploration
  • Discover new innovative designs with Topology Optimization
  • Decrease downstream modeling time

Topology Optimization

Let simulation guide the design to achieve optimal results faster. With Topology Optimization, the software itself comes up with the most optimal geometry, depending on the set preconditions. You as a user only specify the space in which the geometry may be located, where the component will be attached and how it will be loaded. Use these organic innovative structures as inspiration for your models or use them directly in production using 3D printing techniques.

Design Space Exploration

When your product consists of a large number of parameters that can all be adjusted within a certain range, it becomes almost impossible to find the optimal point. Especially when the parameters also influence each other. Using Design Space Exploration, the software itself searches for the most optimal configuration of all parameters. As a user, you also gain more insight into the influence of the individual parameters on the goals you set for your product. Think for example of weight, costs, manufacturability or lifespan.

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