Acoustic Simulation

Acoustic Simulation

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Acoustic Simulation

Do your customers expect quieter products? Are your competitors gaining ground by using sound quality as a differentiator? Are you convinced that stricter noise regulations will affect your product sales? Would you like to save the time you spend predicting sound fields? Is “yes” your answer to one or more of these questions? Then acoustic analysis is exactly what you need. With Acoustic Simulation, you make informed decisions early in the design stage, optimizing the acoustic performance of your product.


Reduce physical


development time


noise requirements



The advantages of Acoustic Simulation

  • Validate noise and vibration requirements early in the design process
  • Optimize the sound quality of your designs
  • 3D Vibro-Acoustic Simulation where the entire process falls within one environment

Acoustics Modeling for increased productivity

Acoustics Modeling reduces model preparation time and increases productivity. How? With custom modelling tools specifically aimed at accelerating acoustics simulation work. These tools include unique features such as surface wrapping for the rapid creation of fluid domains and the ability to quickly create an enveloping mesh. Overcome complex geometry and start your acoustic analysis faster!

Boundary Element Acoustics for external acoustics problems

Often used for external acoustics problems, the Boundary Element Method (BEM) is ideal for solving complex geometry problems that challenge the FEM method (see below). The BEM method helps you simplify the simulation of external acoustics, because you only need the outer surface of the geometry for this. This reduces the degrees of freedom in the simulation model and simplifies both the modelling process and the analysis.

Finite Element Acoustics for internal acoustics problems

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is perfect for simulating internal acoustics problems. In addition to the fact that FEM offers a faster solution, you perform coupled vibro-acoustic analyses that take into account the structural behavior of the system and sound-insulating materials.

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