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Teamcenter Foundation

Teamcenter® Foundation

To succeed in today’s economy, you have to outperform your competitors on several levels. You may be struggling with dilemmas such as the different geographically dispersed activities within your company or the very different activities of your suppliers and customers. You can manage the complexity of these factors well by improving collaboration capabilities. The implementation of Teamcenter® digital collaboration tools guarantees a major efficiency improvement.

Why Teamcenter® Foundation?

Teamcenter® is a comprehensive package. That is why we introduce Teamcenter® Foundation. This basic configuration ensures that you can quickly start with Teamcenter® and create a foundation on which you can build on later. Because we use “good practices” and have a lot of knowledge of your processes, we can carry out the implementation in only 20% of the usual lead time. The cards consultants guide the setup where we coach your team so that you are not dependent on us after the transfer.

What is Teamcenter® Foundation?

Teamcenter® Foundation is a product data management solution (PDM) designed as an out-of-the-box productivity tool. The tool helps improve everyday technical tasks and processes from design to production. The solution consists of a preconfigured environment based on good practices. These good practices are based on more than 20 years of implementation experience with our customers. In this predefined configuration you have the space to add your specific wishes. You start with a basic installation and can use maintenance and support. This way you can quickly and risk-free use of the benefits of PDM, without the need for large investments.

The added value of Teamcenter® Foundation

Teamcenter® Foundation offers you the possibility to grow to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) in a later phase, easily and without the risk of reinvestment via PDM. Teamcenter® Foundation offers you a good basis for PDM with which you digitize the information flows around all product data. The PDM solutions below are part of the complete Teamcenter® software suite, which is fully prepared for your organization, but not fully activated. That in turn offers additional benefits. On the one hand, the Teamcenter® environment is manageable. On the other hand, you are ready for the future. After implementation, you can immediately take advantage of all of Teamcenter®’s powerful product data management capabilities. And later, when you’re ready, you can add additional PLM capabilities as needed and further support your entire business process with engineering, manufacturing, and service modules. See also Teamcenter®

What can you do after our Teamcenter® Foundation implementation?

  • Mechanical Design Management: Management of CAD designs including digital management of parts lists. This way you will always find the right information you need.
  • Document Management: Managing and creating product related and important engineering documentation along with the rest of your product and process data.
  • Basis proces management: With Change Management we ensure quality improvement and shorter lead times. With the Foundation implementation, we embed a number of automated workflows that replace unnecessary manual work.

Our approach

We start with a good preparation of the installation. Based on good practices from your industry, we advise you on the implementation of the basic configuration. Experience shows that at that moment we can already fulfill 80% of the wishes. During a kick-off meeting we show the pre-configured system. We validate the chosen solution domains and collect wishes that are specific to the unique processes in your company. We then implement this in the configuration of Teamcenter®. We then coach the key users during the validation of the system and adjust the configuration even further where necessary. Is everything to your liking? Then we proceed to implementation within the rest of the organization and we ensure that all users are trained. During this project we accurately document all choices and solutions. With this documentation we guarantee the transfer and you have a total overview that your organization can fall back on later. Would you prefer to leave the management with us? Then PLM as a Service fits better.

What does Teamcenter® Foundation deliver?

  • A preconfigured PDM environment
  • Fast return on investment thanks to smooth installation and easy implementation
  • Minimal input and preparation time from your organization through the use of good practices
  • Your teams work more efficiently in completing everyday tasks through an improved user interface
  • More users can collaborate in the same data source through integration with different CAD systems and Office365
  • All information about your product is stored and managed in one location. Your team members always find the right information when they need it. Working with the wrong version is a thing of the past

Your employees communicate more effectively with other departments, external suppliers and customers, because all product and project information is accessible in one location through an intuitive user interface. You are ready for the future. Teamcenter® Foundation is suitable for extensions to PLM at a later stage.

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a thorough intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner gets its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.