Plant Simulation – Warehousing & Logistics Library

Plant Simulation – Warehousing & Logistics Library

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Plant Simulation – Warehousing & Logistics Library

Warehousing and logistics nowadays is much more than just “moving boxes”. Warehouses are located in a dynamic environment of global supply chains. To compete in dynamic markets, a rational design approach to warehouse and logistics processes is of great importance. With the Tecnomatix® Warehousing & Logistics Library software you can quickly build realistic simulation models of dynamic warehousing and logistics processes.




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The benefits of Plant Simulation – Warehousing & Logistics Library

  • Save time on designs
  • Make optimal use of resources such as personnel and storage
  • Benefit from a unique result accuracy

Use unique and super-realistic objects

The Warehousing & Logistics Library offers the functionality to simulate all facets of a warehouse. In addition to the standard functionalities, such as storage racks, layout and reach trucks, the program also has functions for order picking and value added logistics. The behavior of these objects corresponds to reality, such as varying demand, disruptions of resources and variable order picking times. This provides unparalleled realism with regard to standard calculation methods.

Image: Identify and eliminate traffic hotspots early on in your DC’s digital twin.

Expand the library

The library can easily be expanded with specific objects or customer-specific control strategies. Interfaces to the most common applications support the analysis and reuse of data, for example data from an existing WMS system. The library is equipped with an extensive tool set for testing and optimizing various scenarios and designs. You present performance measurements in a well-organized manner with the help of reports and dashboards and you can visualize the process flow with appealing 2D and 3D animations.

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