Rapid innovations thanks to digitization of the integral logistics chain

Product innovations, line extensions, warehousing, and rapidly changing product portfolio are the order of the day for the CPG. At the same time, globalization, stricter requirements from legislation and regulations and changes in consumer behavior demand more and more flexibility from your organization.

Better design solutions are necessary to allow the production and logistics of the supply chain to move quickly with changing market demand or to achieve a short time to market. Solutions that look at the integral logistics chain (production, warehousing, transport,…). The consultants of cards PLM Solutions have extensive experience in the design, validation and optimization of your production, warehouse or logistics process. We never look at a subsystem, but analyse the logistics chain so that you get the maximum return from your investments.

Process design

A production process is part of a larger chain. Raw materials are needed on the line to make a product. After production, packaging and storage takes place. Due to issues such as legislation and localization, a few end products on the production line can easily be hundreds of products in the warehouse. The cards consultants have extensive experience in mapping the dynamics of each link in the chain and thus presenting an optimal logistics design of the logistics chain from raw material to end product.

Process validation

Operational processes are subject to a lot of dynamics. Outside dynamics such as customer demand and product portfolio. Internal dynamics such as malfunctions of machines, AGVs and the non-availability of raw materials (on time). With the help of a digital twin of the integrated logistics process, you can validate your processes in great detail and predict where more capacity is needed, what the throughput is, the work in progress, bottlenecks and inventory levels. The cards consultants always look at the integral chain so that local optimizations are avoided.


The commissioning of various operational layers of the operation always takes a lot of time. Whether this is with an ERP, MES or WMS implementation, or when a new warehouse is set up or a production line is put into use. With the help of the digital twin you can link and test the software and hardware layers at an early stage of the implementation. This will greatly reduce the physical implementation time on the floor so that your production and logistics processes experience the minimum disruption of the implementations.


A digital twin used for design, validation or optimization is a true-to-life representation of reality. It is then a simple step to use the same digital twin as an operational tool and thus make operational decisions. For example, the digital twin could run synchronously with the warehouse operation. As soon as an issue arises, the digital twin can be used as a “time machine”. In this way solutions to the problem can be analysed.

A digital twin for your production environment

Are you considering digitizing your production or logistics process? Then talk to one of our consultants. They are happy to challenge you to see which improvements are possible in your process.