Change Management

Change Management

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Change Management

Effective change management is crucial for your success. Not only must you be able to identify and address problems and required changes, but you must also meet the demand for new product offerings. With product and process change management functions in the Teamcenter® you manage the evolution of your products, problems and improvements and you implement changes quickly, accurately and fully to better respond to your customers’ needs and guarantee quality.

The advantages

  • Reduce risk by fully understanding the impact of changes
  • Reduce change costs, risks and cycle times
  • Guarantee compliance with standards and business rules
  • Spend less time analyzing, managing and implementing changes
  • Optimize change management and support audits with full traceability of changes

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  • Change Management: It’s easy to communicate and respond to product change across the enterprise with Teamcenter. Enterprise change management gives everyone across the business visibility to manage the impact of change!

Full visibility on all aspects that are affected

One of the most difficult elements of effective change management is getting a handle on the impact of a proposed change. If you make a change to a part, you immediately want to see which other parts, assemblies, documents and products are also affected. Perhaps the change only requires a small design change, but maybe it requires re-tooling in production or process steps need to be changed. Do you have the means to make these changes? And what would the impact be on other projects that are already being implemented?

With Teamcenter change management within reach, you have full visibility on data, people and processes that are affected by change management. You have insight into all information about the component used to understand which data is affected by the changes. Standardized change management helps you choose the right stakeholders to clearly identify the affected domains and processes. View reports to ensure that you are making the right changes in the desired time frame. Use all of this data and the history of previous changes or problems to determine if a change is necessary, drastically reducing the time you spend on changes that never make production. With Change Management from Teamcenter® you understand the full impact of a change and you make accurate decisions about costs and lead time obligations.

Standardize change management with consistency as a result

With Teamcenter® you standardize your change processes – no matter how simple or complicated they may be. Standardized processes help you synchronize change activities in complex meetings and organizations, while maintaining traceability for audit and reporting purposes. You achieve consistency with standardized processes by making change management more predictable and streamlined.

Simple and complex changes in one environment

Not all changes are the same. You have to deal with simple changes that cost little effort and money, such as an update of a title on a drawing. Difficult changes will also be reviewed which require design changes, re-tooling for production and updates to maintenance manuals.

It may not make sense to apply the same level of accuracy and control to both types. With Teamcenter® you have the flexibility to manage and execute the correct change process for each task: from speeding up a simple change to formal checking of a complex change in a single integrated PLM environment.

End-to-end implementation

With Teamcenter®’s Change Management you manage the full range of changes for all involved domains, schedules and resources. From managing and verifying change drivers to identifying and planning solutions. Or from supervising the implementation to incorporating a change: you organize the entire change process. Powerful workflow and project management options make coordination and collaboration of people within your company and also your partners and suppliers a lot easier. With the software you ensure that everyone works with the right data and at the right time to implement changes quickly, accurately and completely. Consistent closed-loop processes provide feedback to optimize change processes and support the confirmation of all tasks with full traceability for audit history and tracking.

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