Plant Simulation

Plant Simulation

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Plant Simulation

What does Tecnomatix Plant Simulation mean?

Does your factory perform optimally? Do you know where the bottlenecks in your process are? With Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation you gain insight into the performance of complex business processes by modeling, simulating and optimizing them. This way you do not improve the material flows and the utilization of resources, personnel and space, but you also reduce operational costs and energy consumption. The software can be used in a variety of situations and sectors, in addition to industry and logistics, for example in healthcare.








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The benefits of Plant Simulation

  • Increase productivity and resolve bottlenecks
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Reduce the lead time and costs of new processes
  • Minimize operational costs and energy consumption

Addressing bottlenecks and streamlining processes

With Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation you model business processes with their dynamic behavior and dependencies as they also occur in reality. Consider, for example, the product mix, batch sizes, changeover times and failures, but also the qualifications of operators and working hours. With this starting point you can streamline business processes, increase productivity by remedying bottlenecks and minimize buffers and stocks. You assess the performance of your processes through graphical output from the OEE, Sankey diagrams and Gantt charts. This way you make choices based on thorough analyses, based on real data.

Optimize your energy consumption for better performance

In addition to logistical parameters, the software also optimizes energy consumption within business processes. The integrated Energy Analyzer displays the current, maximum and total energy consumption and visualizes the energy consumption during the simulation. This is how you identify measures for possible energy savings. You then test these measures with Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation, for minimal energy consumption without compromising on security of supply.

Test production systems virtually before start-up

With the Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation you can link a simulation model to a controller, such as PLC or MES. With this you test and optimize the process control, without the physical hardware having to be present. These data interfaces are flexible and open and can therefore be used in combination with almost any data source. This greatly accelerates the start-up of new processes.


Optimize with 2D and 3D statistical simulation

Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation software offers a complete toolset for analyzing, modeling and optimizing business processes. You use the object-oriented 3D building blocks and statistical analysis tools to build models quickly and efficiently set them up with the right parameters. The built-in experimental tools and genetic algorithms help you identify the critical process parameters. This way you achieve maximum performance at minimum cost.

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