PLM Agile

PLM Agile

PLM Agile

We know better than anyone that PLM projects are challenging and that it is almost impossible to identify exactly what you need on day 1. That is why we work with the Agile approach. Agile is a collective term from software development that has many different forms in practice. All Agile methods are based on teamwork, frequent interim deliveries, quick adjustments and involving the end users in the development phase.

Why PLM Agile?

Choose an Agile method if you attach importance to:

  • Transparency: you have continuous insight into what needs to be done, where the risks lie and whether the team is still working within budget
  • Digital collaboration: the cards Agile portal and tools ensure quick and correct coordination within the team
  • Independence of consultants: we set up the project in such a way that we are less and less needed ourselves. We transfer work quickly. This way we can continuously improve our services and we spend more time on development that is of real value to you

How does the PLM Agile approach work?

Our approach has 4 pillars:

  • We formulate a vision of the product to be delivered in advance without turning it into a well-rounded project scope
  • We work in a sprint for every functional extension
  • Each sprint contains the following phases: discovery, design, development and testing
  • A sprint is completed upon acceptance of the delivered partial product

Demarcated blocks of time

We work with time blocks in the Agile methodology. We deliver every sprint within a predetermined time frame. Thanks to that sharp demarcation, the team focuses on the most important requirements. We park less important requirements, so that we can deliver faster working environments. You and your users determine the priorities per sprint and not the (software) developers.

User stories

We will discuss this with you to translate your vision into a set of desired solutions. We shape these desired solutions by means of “user stories” that describe what the solution should add to your organization.

We rank the user stories on the basis of high, medium and low impact. With that prioritization, we create a dynamic product backlog, in which you can scroll later and add or remove wishes.

Short sprints

We divide the project into short sprints. This keeps things organized for you and sprints are delivered at regular intervals and user stories are checked off. In this process, we always make sure that we don’t miss any important detail. Due to this method, it is possible that some issues are divided over several user stories in different sprints.

Every sprint cycle is developed, built, tested and documented. Not satisfied yet? You can, because often you only really experience what you need when you start working with the test environment. We continue to test and adjust and only deliver the sprint if you are completely satisfied.

The expectations of a sprint

You may want to know exactly what to expect from such a sprint. What does a sprint look like and what is covered? We show you how we work every time.

To discover

In this phase we formulate detailed features for the product to be delivered. We record the functional and non-functional requirements in the user stories. We are already preparing for the transfer by describing test cases and drawing up a test plan.

To design

The specialists will work on developing the technical requirements and making a technical design.


In this phase we really configure the software and the configuration is documented or automated.

To test

We execute the previously drawn up test plan and based on the test results we refine the configuration. Are all details in order? Then you as a customer can accept the sprint and we start with the next one.

What does PLM Agile offer you?

  • You formulate your technology vision based on concrete user stories
  • Large projects become manageable for your teams thanks to clear sprints
  • Development is faster because interim deliveries force to focus on the main issues
  • You have room to make new insights and additional wishes part of the process during the development process

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a thorough intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner gets its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.