NX ™ Additive Manufacturing

NX ™ Additive Manufacturing

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NX ™ Additive Manufacturing

What does Siemens NX Additive Manufacturing mean?

NX ™ Additive Manufacturing (AM) is the all-in-one solution from design to finished product, including all intermediate steps! Discover the comprehensive and integrated end-to-end workflow for a more efficient Additive Manufacturing process. NX ™ software solutions for AM make complex part design, print preparation, simulation, printing and machining of finished parts much easier. All from one software package, without file conversions! And with 3d printing as our field of expertise for 20 years, we are your perfect partner.


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De voordelen van NX™ AM

  • Streamlined traceable workflow
  • From design to finished product in one software application
  • Integrated DFAM functionality and printability checkers in the CAD environment
  • Use CAD functionality during AM and CAM preparation
  • Prevent production errors by using print process simulation
  • Integrated CAM capabilities for subsequent machining operations

Design and print preparation in one application

Design for Additive Manufacturing within one integrated workflow. Create and optimize your design and validate printability within the CAD environment. With the NX ™ design tools, creating complex shapes becomes easy. Use topology optimization and lattice structures to save material and weight. Select your polymer or metal printer, determine the print orientation of your product and automatically generate the support structures if necessary. Smart algorithms will advise you on optimal part orientation and 3D nesting positions the parts in the build efficiently. Due to the extensive Siemens OEM partner ecosystem, the print job can be sent directly to the printer, without intermediate translations.


Design change? No problem!

Within NX the CAD functionality is maintained until the product is printed, so that design or orientation changes can easily be implemented during the whole preparation process.

Simulate the printing process and transform from “Trial and error” to First time right!

Print process simulation is required to reduce production costs and printing time. This makes it easy to predict the most common problems such as deformation, shrink lines, overheating and recoater collisions. Deformation can be pre-compensated before printing resulting in a successful print result.


NX ™ AM to NX ™ CAM and NX ™ CMM

Industrialized Additive Manufacturing is often followed by subsequent CNC machining and finishing operations to create usable and affordable parts. Machining can be used for the automatic removal of support structures and it is crucial for achieving the desired accuracy and surface tolerances of the part. This requires CAD functionality during the build preparation stage for designing excess material on the soon to be finished surfaces and to design complex clamping solutions used to hold the part in place during finishing. Using NX ™ for CAD, AM, CAM and CMM simplifies your workflow and helps you to create functional and affordable parts.

SUNATA™ AM Build Optimization

Print quality is dependent on many factors, but possibly the most important factor is the orientation of the part in the build tray. An optimal orientation results in a short printing time, less support structures, less material consumption and less post processing. All of this results in a lower cost per part which makes AM more viable as a manufacturing technology. Siemens’ AM Build Optimizer is a solution that takes the guesswork out of printed part orientation.  Based upon powerful simulation technology, AM Build Optimizer uses a computational approach to simulate multiple orientations in parallel determining the optimal orientation for parts in the build tray. The orientations generated by the AM Build Optimizer can then be fed back into NX for population of the build tray.

Additive manufacturing Network

When you want to use Additive Manufacturing as a production technology you make the tradeoff between investing in industrial 3D printers or outsourcing at an external 3D printing supplier. You search a qualified supplier and send your 3D data, product specifications, drawing and additional information and wait for a quote. For both buyer and supplier, it is very important that all relevant documents are shared in a safe and centralized way but usually this is done by mail, online file sharing and even on paper. The additive Manufacturing Network is a platform for online collaboration and ensures that the whole process from order to delivery is streamlined and all relevant data is stored in a safe and centralized manor. This network brings companies together on a global scale and enables manufacturing on location and on demand. Not only interesting for buyers and suppliers but also for multinationals with designers and AM hardware capacity spread out over several locations on the planet.

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