High-quality product documentation is critical to the success of your organization and is of equal value to your customers, suppliers, distributors and employees. However, traditional product documentation methods are often error prone, costly and slow. The key to effective product documentation for complex equipment is integrated 3D communication. Whether it is maintenance, customer support, operational procedures or training, 3D communication provides intuitive knowledge transfer, which users easily “receive”. With Cortona3D publication software you generate web-based 3D and 2D technical documentation based on existing CAD (Computer Animated Designs) and BOM (Bill Of Materials) data.

The advantages of Cortona3D

  • Easy to use, you don’t need a CAD experience
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness by using a single authoring tool
  • Accelerate time to market through simultaneous product and documentation development
  • Reduce costs by reusing existing resources

Cortona3D in short

With the Cortona3D suite, you produce all supporting documentation, such as interactive parts catalogues, maintenance manuals, training materials and work instructions. The tools allow you to reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material and write interactive 3D visualizations for more effective support documentation, significantly reducing workload and time investment. Don’t you know 3D? No problem: with the intuitive interface, everyone, including those without 3D expertise, can create simulations and the accompanying text at the same time.

How Cortona3D responds to global trends

Growth of global markets for most products

The growing demand for localized products requires local documentation. This means that product documentation must meet market requirements for local language, specialized configurations and regional or national standards in a cost-effective and timely manner to meet product launch schedules. The solution lies in optimizing product documentation to meet national and international market requirements for product configuration, language and documentation standards.

After-market sales and profits are greater than original sales for products with a long life

McKinsey Quarterly reports that spare parts are 40% more profitable than original product sales. Sales growth, long-term profit and ROI on products must therefore largely come from the sale of spare parts. You can improve this sale, as long as there are good partial catalogues with which you can easily place the right orders. Cortana3D develops accurate and improved 2D and 3D parts catalogues generated directly from approved production BOMs to improve order and reduce the cost of incorrectly ordered parts.

Globalization of the service

Spare parts are required worldwide to maintain products. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) sell and service worldwide, so they must also assemble spare parts catalogues for local markets that are not only accurate, but always up to date. Cortona3D provides direct linkage of parts catalogue information with changes in the engineering process. The updated info can be published directly on the web.

Asian competitors with low costs

OEMs need to reduce documentation costs and increase access to markets. They can only achieve this if they improve their internal and external processes. In the past, the parts catalogue was often created and managed by an expensive outsourcing company that shared in the Spares income. This could be better: insourcing of the parts catalogues is the solution and is easy to do with Cortona3D.

Performance based contracts

Contract bonuses go beyond just the required reliability, costs and availability. In a world where the customer only wants to pay for use, the OEM bears the total cost of production and service. OEMs can increase their profitability by increasing service and maintenance efficiency. Accessibility and accuracy of the parts information is crucial.

Connected world

End customers demand more added value and loyalty based on service. They expect, for example, that the machinery and information provision are linked. Think of service technicians who use a tablet or other mobile device to open and process orders. With Cortona3D you can easily connect your data to other platforms and devices.

Product variations

Complexity of products and markets requires unique and targeted product documentation and the customer expects quickly available configurability. Cortona3D connects the parts catalogue information directly to the engineering information, complete including all product variations.

Cortona2D Editor Pro

Cortona2D Editor Pro is a graphical editor that supports creating, modifying and rendering layered graphical primitives (ellipse, polygon, arcs, bitmap, raster). Edit existing images or 2D graphics created with Cortona3D and discover the possibilities: move, rotate and mirror objects, align them on a grid, add layers and change the text and fill.

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