Electrical Design Management

Electrical Design Management

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Electrical Design Management

Increase design productivity by integrating unconnected design streams and managing all designs, manufacturing and assembly data. With this software you share data across multiple domains and design cooperation is also of paramount importance. Do you use the linked data frame, the robust collaboration tool sets and the data exchange formats? Then communicating and documenting the nature of design-transcending design problems becomes a lot easier.




Reduce design 


Integrate mechanical
& electrical design


Increase insight into
environmental legislation

The advantages:

  • Increase productivity
  • Lower production costs
  • Facilitate compliance with environmental legislation

Numerous design integration options

Design integration is the basis of electrical design management. The software supports ECAD integrations with design tools from Mentor, Cadence and Altium. You can also easily integrate tools that you develop internally or purchase from other external parties. To reduce product costs and facilitate compliance with environmental legislation, you have access to the ECAD parts library that you can make available for use in multiple ECAD tools. You also manage components, change their characteristics and manage project access on a business basis. By managing data in Teamcenter®, you reduce duplication of parts, prevent the use of obsolete or unapproved parts, assign compliance data attributes and concentrate your purchase on approved suppliers.

Cross-domain design collaboration

In addition to the endless possibilities for integration, design cooperation within and between domains is also of great importance. For example, your electronics and mechanical engineering teams work together quickly and easily by using Teamcenter’s® PCB.Xchange, capabilities IDX (Incremental Data eXchange) and IDF (Intermediate Data Format). Mechanical engineers share information about design constraints with electrical engineers. These electrical engineers also pass on 2.5D and 3D information to mechanical engineers, so that they can perform various simulation and analysis functions. You can think of evaluating interferences, thermal, vibration, shock, dust and humidity conditions. By having design teams share analysis data in a virtual world, you reduce the need for physical prototypes, shorten the development cycle and lower development costs.

Use the advanced design tools for assembly / test analysis with which you analyze PCB layouts at an early stage of the design process on the basis of a large number of production rules. Your design teams can edit rule parameters and selectively enable and disable rules by accessing more than 50 user-configurable rules. Generated analysis reports give you detailed insight into potential problems that would otherwise have a negative impact on production throughput or costs.

Widely distributed design teams and their suppliers use Teamcenter® ECAD visualization tools to share data and identify design problems, even when using different ECAD tools. Use Teamcenter® ECAD viewer to browse, highlight, and investigate design or manufacturing issues without using an expensive authoring tool. Powerful cross-probing functions between the schematic and PCB layout enable electricians and PCB layout designers to communicate design intentions and identify potential problems.

The products of Teamcenter® electrical design management;

ECAD Viewer

Powerful, easy-to-use viewer for intelligent ECAD visualization and mark-up, for shortening product development and engineering verification time.

EDA Gateway

Integrate adapted or non-supporting tools, shorten the development time for tool integrations and ensure a uniform look and feel for tool integrations.

Wire Harness lifecycle management

An integrated solution for designing and producing electrical wire harnesses and interconnection cables. Accelerate development schedules through an integrated physical design flow, increase quality through system engineering and requirement management and reduce design costs through reuse of cable harness designs.

Design for PCB assembly / test

A design-for-assembly / test solution that allows your design teams to analyze and verify the conformity of a circuit board layout with the assembly / test rules of your company.

ECAD parts library management

This software provides company-wide management of ECAD part data, including characteristics and relationships with supplier and compliance information. If you use multiple ECAD tools, you can use one library with this integration, manage access to the library, and share switching and approval processes.

ECAD integrations

Integrate with BoardStation, PADS, Expedition and Allegro, among others.

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