Do you want to deliver higher quality innovation at lower costs? The extensive 3D product design from NX ™ makes this possible. Because of the unrivaled power, versatility and flexibility of the platform, your design teams will perform every task in the most productive way that is available. NX ™ distinguishes itself by the way it deals with geometry made in other CAD systems, sheet metal, scanned data and general modeling functionalities. In addition, NX ™ offers a growth path for additive manufacturing, Simcenter 3D simulation and CAM functionalities.




Less costs




Less mistakes

What does Siemens NX ™ CAD mean?

Within companies, different modeling techniques are used, often different solutions apply and data is exported for subsequent further design. Siemens NX CAD bundles these various techniques in one solution. For example, you can perform parametric modeling, quickly adapt designs with Synchronous modeling, design Class-a surface designs and create topology designs within Siemens NX CAD. The strength is that everything works together seamlessly and without data exchange.

The benefits of NX ™ CAD

  • Deliver more innovation
  • Reduce product design costs
  • Improve quality

With NX ™ CAD you can edit any model quickly and easily

Almost all engineers are dealing with imported CAD data, while only 1 in 10 can actually work with this data. For 40% of the engineers, working easily with imported data is therefore an important wish. Synchronous technology makes this possible. This technology speeds up and facilitates the creation and editing of complex product designs. The combination of the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with the precise control of 3D customer-driven design. This breakthrough technology is fully integrated into the Siemens PLM Software suit including NX ™. Synchronous technology combines the speed, flexibility and simplicity of “direct modeling” with the control of parametric design. You can also easily make changes, real-time updates to multiple parts in an assembly and eliminate  unnecessary preplanning.


Smart use of templates

With NX ™ CAD you save costs through reuse and you will easier meet time-to-market deadlines. NX ™ helps you capture, manage, search and reuse a wide range of design information. In NX ™ CAD you will find a library full of design templates that speed up the design process and standardize engineering processes. You quickly create templates from existing models, and then easily reuse them for new designs. Templates can also include simulation, formatting, validation and other technical best practices. NX ™ also integrates with Teamcenter® and Geolus® search software to quickly find and reuse 3D data. Designers can navigate classification hierarchies and search for reusable design information by attribute or form.

Model Based Definition

Projects do not always start from scratch. By using existing/old data, you save a huge amount of time. The “convert to PMI” option ensures this: it automatically converts character views and objects into corresponding model views and PMI objects. With “Convert to PMI” you use older drawings to quickly and easily add intelligence to today’s 3D models. The result is 3D models at much lower costs with higher data quality. The option is highly customizable with options for converting complete drawings, individual sheets, views and annotation objects. In addition, you can check the conversion reports for a detailed overview of the results.


Integrated industrial design

NX ™ offers all advanced tools for industrial design such as freeform modeling, shape analysis, rendering and visualization. Always fully integrated with NX ™ design, simulation and manufacturing. NX ™ freeform modeling gives you the creative flexibility to quickly explore alternative design concepts. The broad, integrated tool set combines 2D, 3D, curve, surface, solid, parametric and synchronous modeling to easily create shapes. Easy design starting from basic shapes or use reverse engineering to create concept models of physical objects. The shape analysis and validation tools in NX ™ contribute to the integrity, quality and manufacturability of your designs.

Visual analysis and validation in NX ™ CAD

With visual product analysis and design validation tools in NX ™ CAD you can quickly combine information, check designs for compliance with requirements and make better substantiated decisions. NX ™ brings essential product, company and program information together with 3D design. With high-definition visual reports you can easily answer questions about project status, design changes, team responsibilities, problems, costs, suppliers and other characteristics. The automated validation in NX ™ CAD continuously checks your designs for compliance with standards and requirements. NX ™ validation control helps ensure product quality, eliminate errors and optimize designs for performance and manufacturability.

Electromechanical design

In one uniform solution for electromechanical design, NX ™ integrates mechanical, electronic and electrical designs and processes. From printed circuit board design to mechanical packaging and from electrical wiring to harness design: NX ™ offers you the tools to support collaboration between these different disciplines. Designers of mechanical and electrical control systems can work concurrent and so they can deliver high quality products. To optimize product performance, NX ™ contains simulation solutions that address all major potential causes of electromechanical failure.


Design quickly and efficiently in 2D

NX ™ CAD has wonderful possibilities for 2D design, layout, drafting, annotation and documentation. You create 2D layouts and technical drawings quickly and efficiently with highly productive tools that are optimized for 2D and hybrid 2D / 3D workflows. The built-in drawing standards ensure that the drawings comply with national and international standards. This way you can re-use the product and production data in drawings, validation, production and other applications.

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