Human Simulation - Jack™

Human Simulation - Jack™

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Human Simulation – Jack™

Often people are not sufficiently taken into account when designing and maintaining products. This can lead to high costs and a long lead time. Modeling and simulation program Jack ™ helps to improve the ergonomics of product designs and to optimize manual tasks within a workplace for companies in various industries. Jack ™ is a simulation tool that allows you to test your designs with multiple people on multiple factors, including injury risk, ease of use, accessibility, energy consumption and other important human parameters.




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The advantages of Jack™

  • Creates people-friendly products and workplaces
  • Prevents start-up problems
  • Optimizes the use and maintenance of products
  • Increases safety and quality

Save time and costs

Using Jack ™ saves time and money. The program helps in designing and optimizing workplaces at an early stage. This allows people-related bottlenecks to be resolved early, by testing for injury risk, timing, user comfort, accessibility, energy consumption, fatigue limits and other important parameters.

Provide competitive advantage

With Jack ™ you integrate human factors and ergonomics seamlessly into the design of your product. When you use Jack ™, you have significant competitive advantages through classic ergonomics and human factor assessment coupled with the latest visualization and simulation technologies.

Safety and comfort

With Tecnomatix Jack ™ you improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of your working environment with the help of virtual people. Through accurate human simulations and advanced analysis of human factors and ergonomics, you create safe and user-friendly products and workplaces.

Improve ergonomics with Motion Capture and Virtual Reality

With the Motion Capture Toolkit from Tecnomatix® you link movements of real people with virtual human models. This allows you to create accurate movements and real-time visualization of human activities in an instant. By linking motion capture technology to human modeling, you communicate directly with your virtual environments and quickly develop people-friendly designs and procedures. The toolkit supports multiple full-body tracking systems, including gloves that track intricate hand and finger movements.

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