The NX ™ CMM Inspection Execution software makes it possible to perform offline Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programming and to control measuring machines from the PMI information in the 3D model. Specifically, this software ensures that you execute complex inspection programs in an easy way and can read back your measurement data for comparison and study. With this you digitize the quality control process, so that you always meet the requirements of product quality and dimensional accuracy.


Save up to 90%
programming time




One integrated



Benefits of NX ™ CMM

  • Decreases programming time
  • Ensures that all component requirements are inspected according to company standards
  • Improves accuracy
  • Quickly makes model changes

Pioneering solution for offline programming

NX ™ CMM software offers a groundbreaking offline programming solution that shortens programming time, frees up space on expensive CMM machines and responds quickly when there are last-minute design changes. The combination of industry knowledge, best practices and process automation ensures a streamlined development process of the inspection program: from job definition and creating a path to generating and validating programs. Integration with Teamcenter® contributes to the automation of programming by applying your own standard inspection methods, tools and programming templates. In addition, the software ensures that the correct revisions of parts are programmed and measured on the shop floor.

Save up to 90% programming time

By reading 3D part geometry and the associated link to Model Based Definition, NX ™ CMM automates the inspection process. For example, it identifies defined functions and operations. For components that have accessible PMI data in the model, this link can save up to 90% of traditional programming time.

Export to software that drives measuring machines

NX ™ CMM Inspection Programming software makes an export to the software that drives your measuring machines, making it easy to execute the machine instructions. Before you send programs to the workplace, for example, you simulate the program, identify interference or movement problems, and use collision avoidance.

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