Material Data & Lifecycle Management

Material Data & Lifecycle Management

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Material Data & Lifecycle Management

Material information and the way in which you manage your materials has a major effect on the lifecycle of your product and often plays a role in its success. Many of today’s innovative designs owe their success to the revolutionary use and discovery of new materials – from lightweight mobile phones and tablets, to electric vehicles, green energy equipment and medical devices. In this age of material-driven product design, Teamcenter®’s PLM solutions manages the lifecycle of all materials used, so you can create innovative and unstainable products.

The advantages

  • Reduce rework and costly errors with one source for all relevant material information
  • Increase efficiency with quick and easy selection and use of materials in Teamcenter® and NX ™
  • Minimize training with role-based access to material information
  • Improve customer satisfaction by using materials that have been approved by the customer
  • Reduce the risk of recall with full material lifecycle management







Low risk

The products

Integrated Material Management

By using integrated material management in Teamcenter®, can actively manage materials throughout the entire lifecycle: from material design to production. This way you avoid expensive consequences of mistakes that would otherwise be made and you reduce development costs by providing only the appropriate materials and substance insight over the entire product.

Substance Compliance

Teamcenter® plays an important and growing role for companies in developing “green” environmentally friendly products and offers you a flexible and easy-to-implement toolset to meet the strict environmental requirements of your industry. With this software you understand and control the material composition of your products and you comply with environmental regulations that have been drawn up to limit the use of hazardous substances in products. Teamcenter® reduces the costs of collecting and managing the huge amount of environmental data needed to establish and document the compliance of complex products down to the substance level.

BOMcheck integration

Database Integrations to supplier databases that store supplier part declaration data can help to streamline the supplier disclosure process and decrease costs by reducing errors and rework.In addition, the ability to make declarations in an online database like BOMcheck reduces the work for suppliers since they can declare once and make this available to all or many of their customers.The Teamcenter integration to BOMcheck is highly automated and reduces the workload for the compliance officer responsible for the supplier declaration process.The BOMcheck integration takes advantage of functionality in Teamcenter that automates the processes of:

  • Identifying supplier parts in Teamcenter that have missing or out-of-date information
  • Sending missing/out-of-date part notifications to BOMcheck so that BOMcheck can manage collection of the part declarations from suppliers
  • Downloading supplier declarations from BOMcheck to Teamcenter for review by the compliance officer

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