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The manufacturing industry is digitizing at a rapid pace. And that is necessary, because customers expect ever faster delivery. The demand for tailor-made products for the price of a standard product is growing and this requires organized and organized flexibility from your organization. How do you manage shorter production times and reduce the expensive overhead in engineering and planning? Besides that “The Internet of Things” is indispensable, more and more data is available from the development, production and use of the product. All these developments ensure that business models in the manufacturing industry change rapidly. Everything-as-a-service, our traditional ownership models shift to payment for use or performance.

Respond to the digitization trends

If you want to stay ahead in the industry, your organization must respond to these trends. Do you want to realize a higher frequency of product innovation and meet the demand for customization? Then use smart customization as much as possible to streamline the number of product elements.

You ensure that your organization is not overwhelmed by the enormous diversity and large volumes of information that emerge from the models used. Your teams must be able to work together in ever-changing circumstances. You prefer to use big data to predict what will go wrong in the production process and the field before it occurs.

We, PLM specialists at cards, help manufacturing companies connect the business goals with available technology. Are you looking for this connection, but don’t know how? We help you with this through the following services:

cards PLM Solutions: driven by digitalization

  • Start from the core: in our opinion, a thorough intake process does not mean a one-size-fits-all. We take the time to really get to know you.
  • Partnership: we continue to challenge you on the content. Whether it concerns a strategic, tactical or operational issue.
  • Personal approach: every partner gets its own team of specialists from day one. They do everything to get the most out of your process.