With the RobotExpert you engineer automated production systems using robotics and automation simulation. With RobotExpert you can design, simulate, optimize and offline robot applications as a user. This robot simulation and programming solution makes it possible to perform programming work virtually and reduce the duration of robot operations. In addition, the software supports industrial applications such as pick-and-place, arc welding, polishing, gluing and helps companies minimize robot downtime.


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The advantages of RobotExpert

  • Virtual optimization and programming of robotics processes
  • Higher throughput through optimized cycle time
  • Shortened downtime when introducing a change or new product
  • Avoidance of human hazards and costly damage to equipment during new program introduction
  • Easy preparation of special robot program syntax

 The growing demand for a solution for robot simulation and programming

Industrial robots are increasingly used in different sectors to perform complex, repetitive tasks. As a result, the need for a ready-to-use solution for robot simulation and programming is growing rapidly. RobotExpert allows you to design, simulate, optimize and program robot applications offline. In this intuitive 3D environment, optimizing the actions of robots becomes piece of cake. You can also use this software to make scale models of complete production cells and systems. Put together the most suitable combination of tools for specific production requirements with RobotExpert!

From manual to automatic

Traditionally, industrial robots are often programmed manually, which results in downtime and which means that programming is not always optimal. RobotExpert is an offline programming and simulation solution that makes it possible to perform programming work virtually and to shorten the duration of robot operations. The simulation options also reduce the safety risk for production personnel and tools.

From one robot to complete production lines

The RobotExpert software covers multiple levels of robot simulation and workstation development: from single robot stations to complete production lines and zones. Using collaboration tools you improve communication and coordination between production disciplines and smarter decision-making is possible. This allows you to put the automation systems online much faster and with fewer errors.

 Reuse and optimization

What also makes this software so strong is that it is possible to upload existing robotics programs from the workplace, which leads to reuse and optimization. You can adjust your own offline programming commands parametrically and you can maintain commands and macro libraries. With this you create program standardization throughout the organization. If a special robot application requires specific syntax (“programming language rules”), you can easily build this syntax in libraries, which you can reuse when needed to avoid additional technical effort.

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